yard waste tucson

When it comes to my yard and monsoon season, my yard turns into a jungle of sorts.  I will try to go out there and pull some weeds and then I have to stop pulling them.  I have to plan out what goes into my trash can to make sure I have enough room.  By the time I have one part of my yard done and then I start the next part of my yard; all the weeds on the other side have grown back already. Its a wild goose chase happening weekly in my back yard. Once I had a friend suggest that I hire a landscaper to take care of it for me.  Right now, I know I'm not the only one trying to save money in this economy.  I know I could get all the work done, its just trying to figure out where to put all the yard debris.

Its important to know when to pull weeds; You should always know the best and worst times to pull greenery so your not fighting with yourself.  I never pull weeds when it is dry outside, the weeds are more likely to have seeds at the time.  I always pull weeds when the ground is soft and moist, mostly after the rain.  Now, I know your'e sitting there thinking, this is Arizona it hardly rains.  If we are missing the rain it is not likely that a lot of weeds are growing in your back yard unless you water your soil. If i have weeds in my back yard and the ground is to hard i will moisten it with some water and then pull the weed.

Sam Can Junk Bins have been an awesome Tucson resource with all my do it your self projects.  They leave their dumpster bin, which is not to big and not to small, for a couple of days.  Ensuring that you have enough time to get the job done.  Monsoon season is upon us make sure that your back or front yard doesn't look like a jungle.